The Other Side of The Argument

As much as I enjoy going to zoos to visit the animals and support the mission of these zoos, I do have to admit that not all zoos are as morally upright as they should be. One very strong example would be the existence of circuses. Unlike modern zoos that mainly focus on the well-being and safety of animals and entertain comes only second to that, circuses never derailed from the olden day menageries that only care about showing off these animals. I do not believe that animals should have to bend over back or get whipped into shape, being tamed and trained unnatural and immoral ways by their circus handlers. Plus, the animals are kept in little cages and are driven around to places, which is mean because what if they get carsick?!

Animals in Entertainment

Bad zoos also exist – where animals are miserable and mistreated. These zoos are said to only be a way to make money but don’t use the money to improve the living conditions of their captives.

Saddest Zoos In The World

That being said, I do acknowledge and recognize the cons of having zoos such as these. I believe in the entire concept of zoos and how they make lots of animal lives better, but there are always exceptions to the rule and in these cases are extremely bad but that doesn’t mean zoos in general are cruel and malicious.


Links Relating to Zoos

I’m going to gather a bunch of links that support me in saying that zoos are good and that they are beneficial and are not purposely being cruel to animals.


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Zoo? What’s That?


 [zoo]  Show IPA

noun, plural zoos.


Also called zoological gardena parklike area in which live animals are kept in cages or large enclosures for public exhibition.
How did zoos come about?
The creation of zoos actually came about for human entertainment and a way to show off exotic animals. They were called menageries and are mostly for royalty and people who could afford it. (it does start off on the wrong foot, I must admit) But zoos main purpose now is for conservation and rescue of the animals so I would say they’ve come a long way in improving.
Different Types of Zoos
There are different kinds of zoos, as well as other places that match the definition given above.
  1. Rescue Sanctuaries
  2. Aquarium
  3. Petting Zoos
  4. Safari Parks
  5. Roadside Zoos
  6. Animal Theme Parks
  7. Circus


Are zoos cruel and unnecessary?

Many people argue that zoos should be banned because keeping animals in captivity do not benefit them in the slightest but in fact makes life harder for these animals. These people say it’s cruel and they repeat the phrase “how would you feel if you were kept in a cage with curious eyes gawking at you all day?” over and over again.

These people have a valid point, sure, but this is a very one sided approach to the situation because none of them acknowledge the good that zoos do for the animals. Are humans just so cruel that they would keep animals in captivity for nothing but their own amusement?


I myself do not think so. I think the people who are pro-zoos truly believe that they are doing something beneficial for these animals – caring for them, rescuing endangered species, etc. Zoos are here for the animals, having them open to the public for education purposes is just a bonus, a win-win situation. It’s not to purposely make the animals feel uncomfortable. In fact I think zoos try their hardest to make them feel comfortable. They give these animals a home, spending a sum of money to make the habitat look like the forests and jungles they come from, give them the food and interaction that they might not be able to attain by their own in the wild, without the harm of their predators.


So, I would say no, (most) zoos are not cruel and unnecessary. In fact they are actually beneficial and necessary for both the animals and us humans.