The Other Side of The Argument

As much as I enjoy going to zoos to visit the animals and support the mission of these zoos, I do have to admit that not all zoos are as morally upright as they should be. One very strong example would be the existence of circuses. Unlike modern zoos that mainly focus on the well-being and safety of animals and entertain comes only second to that, circuses never derailed from the olden day menageries that only care about showing off these animals. I do not believe that animals should have to bend over back or get whipped into shape, being tamed and trained unnatural and immoral ways by their circus handlers. Plus, the animals are kept in little cages and are driven around to places, which is mean because what if they get carsick?!

Animals in Entertainment

Bad zoos also exist – where animals are miserable and mistreated. These zoos are said to only be a way to make money but don’t use the money to improve the living conditions of their captives.

Saddest Zoos In The World

That being said, I do acknowledge and recognize the cons of having zoos such as these. I believe in the entire concept of zoos and how they make lots of animal lives better, but there are always exceptions to the rule and in these cases are extremely bad but that doesn’t mean zoos in general are cruel and malicious.


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